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Terms and Conditions


  1. Enquires and purchases on T12ADE stock can only be made via the T12ADE website.
  2. T12ADE has been developed as a web based online portal for dealers.  All of the information you require regarding each registration is shown online.  If you do require further information, please use the Enquiry box next to the desired registration.
  3. T12ADE is a trade only supplier of registration numbers, you must be actively selling registration numbers to be able to hold an account.
  4. You are free to advertise T12ADE stock in any medium you wish.  You must ensure you refresh your T12ADE sales list by downloading the latest list every time a new one is published (you will be advised via email with this). T12ADE stock prices will fluctuate, and you are responsible for showing your correct retail prices.  Failure to keep on top of price changes will result in account suspension.
  5. You are not permitted to include any of T12ADE stock in a commission file that you may send to others under any circumstances.
  6. A £100 non-refundable deposit (or the full balance for registrations priced at £100 or less) by card secures a registration.  You will be invoiced automatically  by email and any balance will be due within a maximum timescale of 28 days from reserving.  All balances are to be paid via bank transfer only with the registration purchased used as the reference.  If you fail to pay the outstanding balance within the 28 days, the registration will be added for sale again, your deposit paid will be lost. No balance reminders will be sent.
  7. By creating an account with T12ADE, you fully understand the various status’s of registrations, how they are held, and the transferability options associated with each of these.
  8. At time of purchase, you are required to select the transfer option needed. This cannot be changed at a later date.
  9. If you are purchasing a registration from T12ADE held on certificate for your own stock, the certificate will be sent signed in both places.
  10. If documents from you are required, these will be detailed in your invoice. A transfer will only be submitted once any outstanding balance has been paid. If a registration is just required to be sent on a certificate, this will only be sent when the balance has been paid.
  11. If a nominee name is requested by you, this will be submitted to DVLA on receipt of the deposit paid.  If you are unsure of the nominee name required, do not reserve a registration until you have it.
  12. Offers on T12ADE stock – some registrations are fixed price, others offers can be made. All offers MUST be submitted via the T12ADE site. The turnaround time for replies to these offers are shown on the T12ADE status page. If an offer is accepted, the revised offer price will go live on the site viewable by any other registered dealer. An offer is valid until the next T12ADE upload to the site.
  13. Renewals – You are responsible for the renewal date of a certificate on reserving the registration. If you require a certificate to be renewed, you are responsible for submitting to the relevant authority with the correct fee (if a fee is applicable).  You must also send T12ADE a S.A.E. stating the registration number you have sent off for renewal. Once T12ADE receives the renewed document back, it will be sent on to you in the envelope provided. T12ADE will not send on a renewed certificate unless a S.A.E is sent. 
  14. Checking a submitted transfer.  T12ADE will not follow up a transfer unless 14 working days has passed since it has been submitted to the relevant authority.  Dealers should chase up using their own routes if needed within the first 14 working days.  If you require a transfer update after the 14 working days, please do so via email only.
  15. T12ADE will continually monitor dealer’s accounts, if T12ADE feel that the dealer is inappropriately advertising any of T12ADE’S stock, T12ADE reserve the right to suspend the dealers account without prior notice.  Any pending purchases with balances due will be honoured. 
  16. All of T12ADE data is keyed in by human hand, in the rare instance a mistake is made by T12ADE liability is strictly limited to a refund only, no claims for damages, interest or expenses will be accepted.
  17. T12ADE is a trading name of Cape Tech Ltd
  18. E&OE
Version date 13/09/2016
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